Friday, 25 September 2015

Course 1 Certificate for Coding


  1. Well done Dalia you are almost the best at coding in the class. You Must be past me. I hope you get better and better each day we do coding. You are that good you are on course 2. I also hope you are the best coder in the class and in the hole word. Well done for completing course 1 well done.

    1. thank you Aila for commenting my blog i hope you have a nice holiday and i hope you do this more often and i am so awsome and cool

  2. Wow that went fast Dalia. You must be the best coder in the word,school, and class. I hope you do this more often then I do so you past me. I hope that you code up to course 4 one day when you past me. So well well well well well well done Dalia. I hope you enjoyed your first day of school. I am enjoying your blog :)